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In a fish tank there are lots of simple minded fish that don’t seem to care that they are in a prison. They swim around quietly, eating, breeding, and doing what ever fish do in a perfectly controlled environment, perfect temperature, manna from heaven once or twice a day, and we don’t worry about what they think or if they are plotting against us.

In the book “1984” there were a group of people that lived outside the city.  They were called “Proles”,  They had none of the advantages of the city, but “Big Brother” left them alone because they were no threat to him.

If there were a shark in that fish tank we would NOT leave it alone because it would threaten us.  But the fish population, as normally constituted, does not threaten us so we leave it alone.  They live in peace, even if in captivity, and we live in peace.

What the hell am I talking about??  Well, for the past four years I have been organizing TEA Party events, writing Blogs and in general trying to be a pain in the ass to the Democrats in every way I could because I fear the prison they are offering me.

But that means I am a threat to them so they perceive me as an enemy and will cause me no end of frustration and pain

So what if I became a “fish”?  I fly/swim under the RADAR, like the Proles did.  The Socialist can have their government and have fun making laws and trying to control each other.  I will “live outside the city” and do my thing.  They will not perceive of me as an enemy and they will leave me alone while sending me money and health care, etc.

If Obama wins this next election, I have been spitting into the wind. No one was listening to me. I have been frustrated and angry for four years for NOTHING.  The people in the city want a prison for themselves. I don’t like that prison, so I will make one I do like that does not interfere with theirs.