Romney had to win the first debate to win the election.

Last night the fight should have been called in the third round as a TKO for Romney. It wasn’t, and the bloody battle was painful to watch as Romney pummelled Obama to a pulp. It was the referees fault for not halting the fight as Obama was obviously in way over his head. But Obama wont blame the ref. He will, however, blame someone. It sure wont be his fault. But I can state unequivocally, it wasn’t George Bushes fault.

But now, what will the Pundits say as they look for another bar to raise? There will always be ANOTHER reason why Romney cant win.

The next debates will include foreign policy as it was not touched in this one. As the Arab world burns around him, Obama will blame a movie. I wonder how that makes his friends in Hollywood feel when he talks about restrictions on film-making when it might insight riot? I wonder what George Cloony thinks about having HIS freedom of speech curtailed?

One I thing learned, as a teenager, was that a bully will always cave in if challenged. Barack was challenged last night and he caved to a Romney body punch to the stomach. Now he will try to come back. But I also learned that bully’s, having failed, will take one of two paths in the future. Either they will spend the next 6 months soul searching and trying to figure out what went wrong (he only has 30 days to do that, not six months) or they will come back blustering immediately.

Coming back blustering, angry, and on the attack will fail miserably because the Romney camp is expecting that and they have already found his weak spot, he needs a teleprompter so his puppet master can feed him the words.  Without his puppet master he hangs limp at the end of the strings just as he did last night, shoulders down and head slumped to his chest.