Our sorry leader told us yesterday that we should vote to get revenge.  Revenge on who?  Revenge on what?  I think it is his way of saying, “Revenge on democracy and the American way of life” which he feels has wronged himself and his family in some way.   I can think of no worse motivation to vote except, perhaps, hate, which he has also proposed between the lines of his “war on women” and his racial comments.  This man is evil and is motivated by evil emotions.

We must be more civilized and we must, as Mitt Romney has said, “Vote for love of country”  We must vote because we see our country being led by an evil man that is not just misguided, but actually, has our country’s destruction on his agenda.  I don’t blame the Democrats for evil intent, just this one man.  The Democrats have been beguiled by his charisma and actually believe the lies he is presenting as “his truth”.

I think his comment yesterday that you should vote for revenge was a slip that revealed his real, evil, inner self.  He really meant it. He just didn’t mean to say it and reveal his inner agenda.

Today he said that the increase in unemployment showed that the country was coming out of the recession.  What kind of logic is that?  The last time a president was running for election with an unemployment record like that and won was in 1936.  But in 1936 while unemployment was high, the growth rate of the nation was at 11%.  Today we have the high unemployment AND less than 2% growth!  This is a recipe for financial disaster.  It was set up by our current president.

Yesterday he said that Al Queda is on the run and decimated.  While he ignores that Al Queda just killed our Libyan ambassador and three other Americans while the president stood buy and refused to send help to the embassy in a firefight. Even while they were pleading for help, the president refused to allow anyone to go to their rescue. That is the definition of evil.

The following text was copied from an email I received and it tells us how we should vote and why we should vote.  I don’t know the author so cannot give credit where it should go or I would.  In two days we will be voting and we need to vote in love for our country and to get rid of the cockroaches that have infiltrated the highest levels of our government and are eating away at our foundations, at our Constitution.  Please read the following and vote accordingly.  The second point in the following should be enough for you to vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket.

1) Take elections seriously by at least reading the ‘platform’ of the major political (Democratic and Republican) parties.  Some candidates are really good motivational speakers, and some are good debaters, but it’s their personal core beliefs and those of their political parties where one can get the best idea of their real selves.  (Listening to their political ads is most times just misleading).

2) Understand each candidate’s personal history. That is more than just listening to their words.  What has their life been?  Open and honest? Deceiving or hidden?  Trustworthy or dishonest?

3) Then VOTE.  Don’t let the 20%-to-30% OF THE VOTERS THAT DO VOTE determine what you will have to put up with for the following  2-4 years.

Our NON-PARTICIPATION, collectively,  has gotten us into the state we are now in.

“You shall know the truth and the Truth shall set you free.”
Jim Isbell