I just read an explanation for the cold winter we have just had. Its Global Warming. No, no kidding, that is what the TV segment said.

They say the warm air in the upper atmosphere has pushed down on the poles causing the polar “vortex” (Dang, the hippies just love that word,vortex…, I wonder when they will bring in Crystals to the global warming argument?) causing the polar vortex to expand into the lower latitudes, and making the winter colder.

OK,lets give them that. I dont believe it, but I will concede the point just to prove that its not a bad thing even if it IS true.

OK, lets examine the facts. The poles are too cold for habitation by any but the most hardy and is not suitable for farming of any kind because it is too cold. So warming of the poles is BAD?? The land mass under the southern ice cap is huge.

Next, the middle latitudes like the southern United States is only suitable for farming of select, hot weather resistant crops, corn, cotton, maize, and other drought resistant crops. So cooling of these areas is BAD???

Getting hotter at the equator where the Sahara desert holds forth? Cant grow anything there anyway. So warming in the desert is BAD?

Oh yes, Australia, mostly desert, will become cooler as the southern vortex (wow, there is that word again) expands up into the more northern latitudes.

The land mass that includes much of Russia and much of India and almost all of Canada that will be improved by this “warming” will produce much more food than any small amount of land that will become less productive.

The increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will increase the growth rate of all green plants…..more food…..more food…..

The increased water vapor that is produced by this increase in vegetation will make more clouds which will make the surface of the earth more reflective thus reducing the temperature on the earth (ever notice that it is cooler on a cloudy day, I guess Al Gore never went out on a cloudy day).

This was all taught in schools in the 1950s. It was true then and it is true today.

Dont they teach that anymore, or have the global warming nazis removed logic from the curriculum of our schools.

“You shall know the truth and the Truth shall set you free.”
Jim Isbell