I am thinking of making a bumper sticker that says “Remember the Alamo and Bunkerville NV”

Or maybe, “Cliven Bundy was Right and so am I”

Being legally correct and being Morally right are NOT necessarily the same thing.

The internet helped stop another Ruby Ridge or Waco from happening. But we came as close as a firecracker to having another revolution. If the Bureau of Land Management had not backed down and one shot had been fired accidentally or one firecracker lit off, 200 federal agents could have been dead and what was left of 1000 citizens would have been labeled as terrorists with nothing left to loose. Had that happened, with today’s internet, the number in that crowd would have swelled to 10,000 over night. Then what happened next, with the National Guard of Nevada at less then 10,000 strong, would have been a scary thing.

I dont think Harry Reids comment that “it is not over yet” helped to stabilize anything. The man is a fool, no, I will say that differently, he is a damned fool.

Luckily, someone at the top realized that having 200 dead federal agents and an army of pissed off citizens that was armed, outnumbered the National Guard and had “nothing left to loose”, was not a good scenario.  Yes, the National Guard has tanks, helicopters and sophisticated weapons.  But do you think the majority of them would have followed orders to fire upon their neighbors and fellow Nevadans?  I dont think they would have.  The National Guard is sworn to carry out any “legal order” from their superiors and they are carefully educated on the lessons from the Nuremberg trials.  You can swing by the neck  for following an order from your superior so you need to make that determination on your own.

If the National Guard had been called out, then that 10,000 man/woman army would have grown even faster.  There were people in that group that came all the way from Connecticut with their “illegal” assault rifles to help Cliven Bundy.  This is what the Second Amendment was designed for.  To allow the people to resist an oppressive government, just as they had at Lexington.  This time, with the Second Amendment still intact, it worked to preserve our Free nation to remain Free.  We must be constantly vigilant to preserve the Second Amendment intact and un-changed if we are to preserve our nation.

Is Bundy in the legal right under our current legal environment?  Maybe not, but that does not say that our current legal environment is right.  Is Bundy in the moral right?  The charges against him are being misrepresented, the reasons for going after him are being misrepresented, and the methods used are not justified.

First, the Bundy family has been on that range since 1875, long before the BLM even existed.  The Bundy family was legally grazing their cattle on otherwise worthless land until 1993 when the US Government decided they would charge ranchers to graze there and when Bundy said, no you wont, they withdrew his long standing grazing rights and declared him a criminal.  Thus it was not through any action of his own, but by government edict, that he became a criminal.

Second, the reason that BLM decided to go after Cliven Bundy in April of 2014, after 20+ years of court action (Courts that are owned by the US Government and therefore NOT impartial) was not to protect a Dessert Tortoise, but rather because Harry Reid  wants to build a Solar Farm on the land…..which by the way will require the Tortoise to be removed first.  Harry Reids relatives and political friends are in high places in the legal departments of the company that wants to build the Solar Farm and at BLM.  Now do you get it??

Third, since when do we use armed force to go after anyone that is not a danger to the public.  Bundy was not resisting at the point of a gun….not until his son was Tasered and his daughter tackled to the ground and then others came to his defense.  Which of us would not defend our children when tactics such as these are used?  The BLM, IRS and all other government bureaucracy’s, that are not charged with the control of violent criminals, should be DISARMED except as to their personal arms that are guaranteed by the Second Amendment.  Our taxes should not be going to pay for the arming of Government thugs.  Even the BATF agent that inspects my business (I am a Federal Firearms licensee) does not wear an open carried firearm.  He may carry concealed, but he doesnt carry openly as a threat.  Many of our current bureaucracies arm their “inspectors” just to show how large their penises are!

“You shall know the truth and the Truth shall set you free.”
Jim Isbell