It seems that Tiger Powder actually works!! You know the story, you sprinkle the Tiger Powder around the house and if you don’t have tigers then it works. I used it here in south Texas and so far its working. No tigers.

Well now the proof is in the pudding. Even though there is not ONE case where the Patriot Act has saved us from another attack, Rick Santorum says we need to keep it because there have been no new attacks since it was passed. Even though the citizens give up their privacy, doesn’t matter, we havent had any terrorist attacks so it works. Even though it is unconstitutional. Even though there IS evidence that the Patriot Act has not prevented even ONE attack. As I said, Tiger Powder works so Rick is running on that. Do we really want to give the Presidency to a man that believes in Tiger Powder??

I like his stand “I will drive a stake through the heart of Common Core”, but I think I can find ANOTHER candidate that hates both Common Core AND the Patriot Act.

“You shall know the truth and the Truth shall set you free.”
Jim Isbell