I heard that Harry Reid beats his wife.


No, I dont feel I am hitting below the belt. After all, all he has to do is bring her on TV and have her deny it. The ball is in his court.

Oh, yes, I also heard that he has not paid ANY taxes since he came to the Senate. Again, its an easy issue to resolve, all he has to do is reveal all his IRS returns and we can then judge for ourselves.

Oh, yes, I also heard that Debbie Wassermann (hey isn’t that the name of the test for syphilis?) hasn’t paid any taxes. She should man up, or is that woman up and produce her IRS returns.

But, while we are at it. Maybe Obama could show us his school records and scholarship applications. After all, that’s all it would take to squelch the rumours about his grades and citizenship….or lack thereof.

Hey, I am beginning to think like a Democrat, accuse, then say the accused is guilty until he/she proves himself/herself innocent.

Maybe we should rewrite the laws that say we are innocent until proven guilty……..

Hey people, this is sarcasm, dont get riled up.



Gun Control Works

About three years ago a madman on a military base in Texas killed 12 people and was unopposed.

Two weeks ago a madman in a theater in Colorado killed 14 people and was unopposed.

Two days ago a madman in a Sikh Temple killed 6 people and was unopposed.

Gun Control worked.  It totally disarmed the public who could have ended the carnage in short order if they had been armed.  But all Law Abiding citizens had been disarmed and the only person with a gun was the perpetrator.

In each of these cases, the law clearly stated that you cannot carry a firearm into a place of worship, a theater, or on a military base.  In each case the victims were obeying the law and were disarmed.  In each case the killer was ignoring the law and was armed.

So, gun control works….if the objective is to give a madman a place where he/she can feel confident that they will be unopposed and will have free rein to kill as many people as he/she has ammunition for..

How do we respond to a tragedy in Colorado?

We respond with prayer.  We respond with sympathy.  We respond by bringing the perpetrator to full and meaningful justice.

Do we respond by further limiting of the freedoms of the individual citizen?

During the various wars that this country has endured, we have spent millions of American lives to preserve our freedoms.  In general there is agreement, except for a few cases, that these lives were spent in a good cause.  I am not suggesting that war is good, only that it seems to be necessary to insure the freedoms of the many…for the greater good…and that loss of life goes with this defense of freedom.

I sympathize with the victims, and their families, of the madman in Aurora,  just as I sympathize with the military dead killed by a madman in Iraq and their families, I wonder if the loss of a few, far less than are spent in wars, in the preservation of our domestic freedoms, the 2nd amendment in particular, is not acceptable in the aggregate?  Yes, in the individual case, it is painful or life terminating and I don’t mean to minimize the personal losses of INNOCENT victims.  And, of course, soldiers are fully aware of their voluntary injection into the fight whereas civilians are not.

We could eliminate all gun deaths, as we could eliminate all war, by laying down and giving up our freedoms, but is it worth the loss of so much freedom, for the greater good, to eliminate war or to eliminate gun fatalities.   Isnt the greater good harmed by such a course of action?

I think so.

A Christian Bussinessman or an Extreamist Muslim Assassin?


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A Christian Bussinessman or an Extreamist Muslim Assassin?

That is your choice for President in November.

Ok, Ok, you want to question my terms.  Do I really think Obama is a Muslim?  Well, he did bow to the King of Saudi Arabia, generally equivalent (within the Muslim community) to the Pope in the Catholic community.  Only a Muslim would bow to the King of Saudi Arabia.  Maybe it was a mistake on his part because he was just badly misinformed????  But, he is obviously anti-american since he attended an anti-american church for 20 years and either he agreed with it…or he slept through all the sermons.   I am not sure which is worse.  So, maybe we can just say “he is badly misinformed and sleeps through church”  Is that better?

Is that what we want for a President?

Ok, Ok, I guess I need to explain the term Assassin.  Actually, he admits to that.  In fact recently he has been taking credit for the assassination of Osama Bin Laudin.  He actually claims to be an assassin!  No, I don’t fault him for getting Osama…if it really was his doing…I agree that Osama needed to be taken out.  But do we brag about being a killer?

But the point I am making is that his only claim to accomplishment for his first term is the assassination of Osama Bin Laudin.  Everything else he touts is his negative barnstorming about “it’s all their fault”  He is a whiner at the very least and a killer by admission.

So, after discussing this, you win, I will change my assessment of him from “extremist Muslim Assassin” to “a misinformed, killer that sleeps through church and whines about everything.”  Is that better?

Ok, now back to what I was saying.  Oh, you don’t think Mitt Romney is a Christian?  Well the official name of his church is “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”.  I think that says it all.  Oh, you don’t think he worships Christ the way you do?  No, and he doesn’t worship Christ the way the Catholics do, or the way the Lutherans do, or the way the Baptists do, but then the Catholics dont worship Christ the way the Lutherans do or the way the Baptists do.  But we call them all Christians.

But then what does it matter?  We don’t vote for people because of their religion.  We vote for them because of their morality and their ability to do the job.  Many religions teach morality and for that mater, an atheist can be very moral….maybe even more so that some Christians !!  I am a Christian now, but for 33 years I was an atheist.  My morality didnt suddenly get better when I accepted the sacrifice of Christ!  I just got saved.  Being a Mormon, a Catholic, an atheist, or a Muslim does NOT disqualify a person from the Presidency.  Hey, all you Democrats that are worried about Mitt being a Mormon, did you vote for Harry Reid?

A business man?  Yes, a business man who has been very successful.  No, he didn’t do it on his fathers inheritance…which in case you don’t know… he gave away to charity.  Ok, maybe the money of his family did help him to get into Harvard, and also opened doors for him in getting started in business.  You want to take everyone’s money away from them?  Give it to the poor.  “Redistribute” it to all the world?   Without his wealth how many people would be looking for work now because the companies he started/saved/ran would no longer exist?

So, we come back to my first question, Do you want a Christian Businessman for your President or “a misinformed, killer that sleeps through church and whines about everything?”

The 1% Have Their Thumbs On The 99%

As much as I hate to admit it, maybe the “Occupy Movement” has it right.  Maybe there is some truth to what they are saying?  Maybe, where there is smoke, there is fire?

In much of life, here in the US, we have an equal chance to do our thing.  And in that sense the Occupy people are wrong.  They just want socialism so they can loaf instead of produce.  But there are places in life where they are dead right!!!

I just found one of those places.  As many of you know I just finished installing a 2kw wind turbine at my house.  From preliminary testing, it looks like I will be producing more power than I am using.  That is GOOD, right?  I will be leaving a smaller carbon footprint and I will be producing “excess generation” (that’s a buzz word that politicians like to use) that will help someone else to reduce their carbon footprint.  And I am doing it all “on my own dime” as they say.  No government subsidy.  All good things.  Even Obama is all for my doing this green thing with alternative energy.

What was my motivation?  Am I a “greenie”?  Did government give me a subsidy? No, I am of Scotch ancestry and I can’t stand to spend money!  The government didn’t have a thing to do with my ancestory…..I dont think.  But the government, Texas Utility Commission, did have an incentive that helped me to make the decision.  At the time I started, the TUC had a regulation that all utility suppliers were REQUIRED to purchase “excess generation” from anyone that presented it, with some restrictions.  This mandate on the utility suppliers would make it a bit more economical for me to build the system because it allowed me to amortize the costs faster.

What happened?  The 1% got to me!  First the restrictions on the system that I could have were onerous.  Requirements were added to the regulations by the 1%, the various BIG power suppliers.  Requirements that made no sense.  To begin with there is a disconnect requirement that allows the utility to manually disconnect the system anytime they want.  OK, that’s a good one.  They have to protect their Grid from a faulty generation system.  Then there is the regulation that the system has to be “anti islanding”.  For you that don’t understand that, it means that if the grid goes down, your system will automatically disconnect from the grid.  This is necessary to protect others from you sending power into a hurricane damaged system, a downed pole, etc.  The maintenance people cannot be subject to electrocution if your system continues to supply power after the utility or an accident has shut it down.  Again, a reasonable restriction.

But after that, what else do you need.  The generation system can be anything your heart desires as long as it will automatically disconnect and can be manually disconnected by the utility.  And NOW, with the smart meters, they can shut you down from the home office!!!  So safety is now fully protected.

Now, what should these regulations promote?  Well, for one thing they should promote innovation.  innovation is stifled in the 1%.  All they want is profit and trying “new stuff” usually costs money.  BUT…the little guy, the “small generation system”. the individual should be free to experiment and,   MAYBE, invent something new?  Now we come to one of the most onerous of the requirements.  The TUC, influenced I am sure, by the lobbyists from the industry that sells wind turbines and solar cells, decided that the equipment (that is completely the property of the individual and completely protected, both ways, from the grid) must have a 5 year warranty.  Why are they worried about my economic situation?  Obviously that is meant to insure that all systems be purchased from the high priced US manufacturers.  That does not allow any “home brew” innovation.  It also does not allow purchasing systems from overseas where they are much cheaper than the union wage influenced US systems.  Are we not for “Free Trade”?

Then to pile insult on injury, when the Taft Wind Field (1%) came on line just north of here, the lobbyists for them, in order to protect a monopoly (can we say 1%) went to Austin and got the TUC to remove the mandate that all utilities must purchase “excess energy”. Even though, with the onerous requirements, it was not likely to happen anyway.  They convinced the TUC to change the wording from a mandate to a suggestion that they were ALLOWED to purchase “excess energy”.  Now all but four of the utility suppliers have dropped the “buy back” option.

I called NEC to ask if they would buy my “excess generation” and was told “Not at this time”.  When I asked why they told me that in four years they had only had 11 requests for that service.  I suggested to them that the lack of the service being offered just might be the reason no one is spending $10,000 to $30,000 to set up to supply the “excess generation”, you think?  You cannot invest in a generation system if there is no market for your excess!!

This is the 1% trying the stifle the 99% pure and simple.  Now, there is very little incentive for the individual to “go green” and produce his/her own energy.  If you can get the system running you may not be able to connect it to the grid just because you don’t have a 5 year warranty.  Or because the home inspector didn’t like it for some unknown reason.  The inspectors should NOT be interested in WHAT you are connecting to the grid as long as the grid is fully protected.  They cannot tell you that the toaster you connect in the kitchen must have a warranty or be a certain brand!!  The grid is protected from the toaster by mandated fuses or breakers.  If the toaster fails and your house burns down, that is your problem, not big governments.  As long as the grid is protected from your incompetency, you should be allowed to be incompetent.  That is a fundamental right.  There is no fundamental right to government controlled success!

Too Many “Fifths” Will Make One Forget Things.

Harry Truman said, “The Buck Stops Here”.  Harry was a Democrat so you would expect Barack to have a similar philosophy….if he really is a Democrat?

Today I was struck by the way Jeff Neely, the Western Regional Commissioner of GSA  answered questions from the Congress on the 800 Million dollars that he wasted on a party in Las Vegas.  Always he respectfully refused to answer the questions EVEN THE ONE ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT HE WAS EMPLOYED BY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT  based on his 5th amendment rights.  Maybe he isn’t really sure if he IS still employed?

It is clear that these people have no respect for authority….except their own.

But, why should I be surprised?  An old saying is that “an acorn does not fall far from the tree.”  In this case the “tree” is the Obama administration.  Mr Obama, when he heard about the party crashers at the White House ball in November of 2009, feigned shock and suggested that heads would roll.  They didn’t, so why would you expect a difference in the Secret Service such that the Columbia prostitute incident could not be predicted?

Then when “Fast and Furious” was exposed, Obama said he knew nothing about it and Eric Holder also claimed innocence.  A Border Patrol agent DIED but no one knew it was happening….maybe it didn’t happen, maybe it is all a trumped-up “Right Wing conspiracy”?  Tell the family of the dead Border Patrol agent that it didnt happen.  Of course it did happen and documents prove Holder and Obama to be liars.

When Solyndra crashed taking millions of taxpayers money with it, Obama said, “Who, Me?” Again he claimed to know nothing about it and yet he personally visited the plant and extolled its virtues.  Didnt he know where he was and what he was doing…..maybe there was another Hillary Clinton party…like the one in Columbia…..after his visit and he just cant remember after so many beers?

When the GSA scandal broke, Jack Lew, the White House Chief of Staff, said, “When the White House was informed of the inspector general’s findings, we acted quickly to determine who was responsible for such a gross misuse of taxpayer dollars. The president was informed before his trip to South Korea, and he was outraged by the excessive spending, questionable dealings with contractors, and disregard for taxpayer dollars,”   Of course that quick action took 11 months!!!!

Just what does Mr Obama know?  If he knows so little, why is he President?  Shouldnt the President know SOMETHING?

Party Crashers…….Obama, “I’ll take the fifth.”

Solyndra……………..Obama, “I’ll take the fifth.”

Fast and Furious…Obama, “I’ll take the fifth.”

GSA…………………….Obama, “I’ll take the fifth.”

Secret Service…….Obama, “I’ll take the fifth.”

After so many fifths I can see why he can’t remember!!!



A Safe Place To Sleep Tonight???

I have traveled all over the globe Brittain, Europe, Caribbean, Central America and the Pacific.  Everywhere I go I meet great people.  People living under regimes that we, here in the United States, would call oppressive in one way or another.  But they all seem happy and not aware of their persecution.   They seem to “fly under the radar” and unless someone in the family is imprisoned, or they are, personally, being poked in the ribs by the current government, they survive.  It doesn’t look so bad at first…unless you are a United States Citizen and can see the liberties they are giving up for “security”.

Another observation that I make from experience, 10 years as a firefighter.  After the fire is out, you have to clean up the mess and you have to make sure it wont start again.  If you spray water on the fire for 6 hours and then walk away without a through clean up, making sure there are no “hot spots”, you will be back in a few hours to put it out again.

The second observation explains the first.  Much of the world is living in a house where the walls are smouldering inside, where it can’t be seen.  Greece is a perfect example…except now there are flames showing and everyone is trying to put out the fire.  But they wont clean out the hot spots in the walls and the fire will be back again.  Much of the world is living that same dream.  The walls are smoldering and they are ignoring it because its easer to ignore it than to clean it up.

Here in the United states, we see signs of the smoldering.   Obama saying that if Congress wont fix it, he will by-pass Congress…in spite of the Constitution.   Obama saying that the Supreme Court has no business telling HIM that the Obamacare bill is unconstitutional…in spite of the Constitution.   Obama telling the Catholic church they must practice their religion the way HE sees it…..in spite of the Constitution.  Obama saying that the only way people can get ahead is if they let the government help them, making them weaker and weaker untill his statement is true.

What is bad about this, is not that it can’t be reversed because it can.  But that when the flames show and we begin the real battle to put out the fire, some of the house will be destroyed….if not all of it….  Sure it can be rebuilt but tonight we wont have a place to sleep.  For maybe a few years we wont have a place to sleep.  And the trauma will be with us forever and some of us will die in the firefighting and in rebuilding process.

It would be better if we opened up the walls NOW, sniffed out the smouldering embers, and extinguished them before they bloom into a fire.

We could start that this November by electing the dogs that sniff out the embers and putting them to work and locking up the arsonist that set the fires in the first place.  Then, and only then, will we have a safe place to sleep tonight.

When you are down and out, start kicking and screaming.

I have been seeing a bunch of posts recently on “Winner Take All” and a move to make Texas a “Winner Take All” state before the primary.

“Winner Take All” is just a ploy, a political strategy to give your candidate an edge that he/she does not deserve.  It is stealing.  If a Democrat did it to you, you would be yelling “FOUL” before the proposal was finished being voiced.  Now some want to do it because they see an advantage to dirty politics.

We claim we are not for “dirty politics” and then some of us, that can’t get a leg up any other way, resort to foul play.  Those that want to play dirty cant suddenly change their minds and cry foul when the other side does it.  You have to be consistent.  I know, I know, you will say now that you want to do it all the time, consistantcy,….until next time, then you will be against it because it doesn’t fit your political needs.

Its like Term Limits.  You are for it when your guy is out and against it when your guy is in.  If we had a House, Senate and Presidency filled with Conservatives, you would hear nary a peep about Term Limits!!

The ballot box is everyone’s Term Limiter, use it.  It can limit a politician to just one term.

Winner Take All disenfranchises all those that are not on the winners bandwagon.  Everyone deserves a vote even if you don’t agree with it and it doesn’t make Texas more “relevant” to steal votes from someone who has a second place finish.  It just makes Texas more “dirty”, just like the other states that do it.

Texas House Dist 43 Candidates

We are blessed with a Win-Win-Win situation when it comes to the Dist 43 race for the Texas House.  On Thursday I heard from each of the three Republican Candidates for Texas House Dist 43.  I was able to speak, personally, to each of them.    There is not one among the three that will not be a great choice.

Bill Wilson will probably be my choice, though I could be swayed in any direction.  Bill is a bussiness man that has been in the area for many years and he knows the bussiness environment of our area.  He is a Conservatives conservative.  Bill is new to politics, a plus in my opinion.  He is for education at all levels, not just for sending all students to college.  He is a strong property rights advocate.

Willie Vaden has been here forever and has run for office many times in this area.  As they say in “The Music Man”, Willie ‘knows the teritory”.  He has been in the oil and gas indusrty forever and knows what the needs of South Texas are.  There is no way that one could go wrong voting for Willie.

JM Lazano has a couple of strikes against him.  First, he was a Democrat a month ago. And second he moved from Kingsvile to Portland just to run for this office.  BUT, I think we can accept both of these.  His district was re-dictricted out from under him.  How many of us have moved to follow a job?  Its not a bad thing to follow your employment.  And, as to the party switch, I think if we turn away all the Democrats that “see the light” and switch parties, there will never be a Republican party in South Texas.  I see nothing wrong with getting smart.  A person that learns from experience is a good choice for public office.  Lazano is currently a member of the Texas House.

So, I see no downside to the current slate of candidates for Texas House District 43.  Whoever wins the primary will get my support in the General Election and South Texas will win if he is elected in November.

Oil and Railroads and why you should care

Last Thursday I attended a forum that included 5 of the 6 Republican candidates for Texas Railroad Commissioner.  You may wonder why I would care.

The reason is that the Texas Railroad Commission does not regulate the railroads in Texas.

The Texas Railroad Commission regulates the lifeblood of Texas, the Oil and Gas industry. What the RR Commission decides determines what the future of our state looks like. We are currently in the middle of the biggest oil boom in the history of Texas and we better know who is running it and what they want to do! !

Last Thursday, I made up my mind.

At the forum were Becky Berger, Christi Craddick, Roland Sledge, and Greg Parker. Barry Smitherman was represented by an associate that took questions from his point of view. Warren Chisum, though he agreed to be there, informed us two days before the forum that he would NOT be there.

Here is my take on what I saw and heard:

I will start from the left of the table as they sat in the forum and end with the one that was not present or represented.

The following two are running for the unexpired vacancy that is for 2 years.

Barry Smitherman is the current chairman of the RR Commission as he was appointed to take the place of a commissioner that vacated his seat. Smitherman has NOT been elected to the commission. I am concerned that he could not make the time to come to South Texas, where a large proportion of the Oil and Gas industry is located, to present his views. The views presented by his “spokesman” were pat and very smooth. But, I am concerned that Smitherman is one of the “good old boys”, the ones we are needing to be rid of. He seems to think he has it made and doesn’t need to campaign in South Texas. I will NOT vote for him to continue.

Greg Parker is a newcomer to this area of politics but he has been County Commissioner and has a good education in politics and business in general. Greg made several very encouraging statements about the direction he would take the Commission if elected. In particular, he is very much interested in reigning in the EPAs attempt to strangle the oil and gas industry of Texas. Greg Parker WILL get my vote for the 2 year unexpired term.

The next five are running for the 6 year term that is becoming available .

Roland Sledge is an old oil and gas man and a lawyer that recently decided to run for this opening. He does not have any political experience, an advantage in my opinion, and he does know the industry. But, he is BOURING. I thought I would fall asleep during his presentations. He just didn’t grab my interest enough to keep me awake!

Christi Craddick is from an old Texas political family. This is, again, the “good old boys” camp. I am not enthused by the way things are going now so wont vote for the status quo. Craddick seems to be running on two planks, first is her “Old Name” and second is that she is a lawyer. During her presentations she referred to herself as “I am a lawyer” about once every 3 sentences. After the forum I asked he about this and she said, “Well, I am a lawyer!” to which I responded, “If I was a leper I would not go around town telling everyone I was a leper.” She seems to have an elevated opinion of herself solely because of her status of having a law degree. Law is NOT the “be all and end all” of politics or civil discourse.

Becky Berger is a geologist. She knows the business. She knows fracking procedures and she gave the best, over all, answers to the questions. I didn’t catch her in any “bad” answers. Like Greg Parker, she is appalled by the over reaching of the EPA into Texas matters that are in no way affecting the environment as can be and have been proven in court many times. Even after loosing in court, the EPA continues with their assaults. Becky will fight that tooth and nail. I WILL vote for Becky Berger to fill the 6 year term.

Warren Chisum at first agreed to be there just 6 weeks before the event then called 2 days before the event to back out. This is inexcusable unless for a death or sickness in the family…and it wasn’t for that reason. He didn’t even have the courtesy to send a representative to state his case for election. He seems to be running on his name which is well-known in Texas politics. I will NOT be voting for him, hell, I don’t even know where he stands!!!


It may look as though I deliberately selected the only two that did not have law degrees, but that isn’t so.  It wasnt until after I had made my selections, after hearing them speak, that I actually looked at their backgrounds and realised that the two I had selected, because they made the most sense, were also not lawyers.  Maybe there is a lesson there???

Greg Parker is a business man with a good conservative bent that knows the job of Commissioner. I will vote for Parker.

 Becky Berger is a geologist that grew up in the oil and gas industry and has a good conservative bent. I will vote for Berger.

The two of them will bring real expertise to the commission and not “good old boy” politics.